75 Lap Race Night at Old Dominion Speedway

July 12, 2011

This past week David and the crew went to the track Friday night to practice the car with a new set -up in it. The team is constantly looking for ways to make the car faster. The track has open practice sessions every Friday night and it's best to practice the car as close to race conditions as possible. After a few rounds of practice and some adjustments David and the crew were pretty happy with the new set-up. Qualifying Saturday David went outto practice in the first two rounds and was still happy with the car so he did not participate in the last round and the team spent the extra time getting the race tires ready for qualifying. In the previous two races Polenz has not qualified well and has missed the invert for the start of the races. This week proved to be a little better. With a decent Polenz finished sixth quickest in a tight race. The team was pleased as that meant they made the invert and would be starting the race from the third spot. 75 Lap Race On the start of the race David tailed the leader in to turn one and stayed tucked up tight under him for a few laps as he ran side by side with the second place car. After a few laps the leader slipped by and David was in a battle for second. In just one lap, he completed the pass to move into second. After a few cautions the driver who has won the last few races was behind David. The two of them had a battle for second place for at least 15 laps but David managed to hold his position and set his sights on the leader. There was one more caution near the end of the race, as David tightened up on the leader. A fter the restart David was able to put some pressure on the leader but he couldn't quite get along side of him and he settled back in to second where he ran out the last few laps and ended up finishing second for the second week in a row. The goal is always to win but the team was pleased with the second place finish which allowed David to close the overall points standing by eight and now trails the leader by just three points.