Another Solid Performance at ODS from Polenz

June 5, 2012

The day got off to a rough start again with an engine misfire. The Polenz crew worked on the car all week and thought they had found the problem from last week. After lots of thrashing the team found a brand new distributor that was recently installed was bad. David was finally able to get some practice laps in during the third practice session, but just as he started his second to last lap of practice another problem presented itself. This time it was some kind of fluttering problem and the crew worked on the car right up to qualifying, feeling confident they had resolved the issue.

David was the last car to go out for qualifying and the car seemed to be running well during warm-up but by the time he started his timed lap the fluttering came back. David drove the car hard but it was short on power down the straightaway. His efforts behind the wheel were good enough for 3rd quickest, which came as a surprise to the team since the motor was not at full power.

100 Lap Race
The crew worked on the car right up to race time and was unsure if they had fixed the problem, as the fluttering only showed itself at top speed. David lined up fourth for the start of the race. On the initial start David said the car seemed better. He started working his way forward but by lap six the problem returned. David drove his heart out and was able to get up to 2nd place by lap 18. For the rest of the race David chased the race leader but with the lack of power he couldn't quite catch him and had to settle for 2nd place. Although the crew was left scratching their heads as to what was wrong with the car, everyone was happy with the results, considering everything the team had gone through throughout the day.

Next Week
This Saturday David will be missing a race at Old Dominion Speedway for the first time since he started racing there six years ago. Although it will be difficult to miss the race since the Polenz Team is currently leading the track championship points there, and David’s sister and cousin will still be there racing, in order for David to keep rising to the top ranks of NASCAR he needs to be able to go anywhere and race well and at the front of the pack. Saturday will be the start of the next step for David in his racing career when The Polenz Racing Team heads to South Boston Speedway inSouth Boston,VA.