Car Problems Cause Issues For Polenz at ODS Twin Lappers

June 22, 2012

David and his crew headed to the track Friday afternoon to test the car; since an engine misfire has plagued recent appearances at Old Dominion Speedway. The team just wanted to make sure everything was running well. The practice went well and the misfire was gone, so David loaded up the car and went to theWellington Road, On The Run for an appearance. There were tons of fans there to see him, get autographs and for a chance to sit in the car. A good time was had by all who attended.

Saturday the team unloaded the car and prepared for the days events. David went out for all three practice sessions and finished with the fastest car in all three sessions.

David was the third car out for qualifying, he turned a pretty good lap but on the last lap the crew thought they heard the engine bobble a little. David noticed that the RPM's were down from what had run all day and he also said the car was tight. The crew looked the car over and everything appeared to be fine. 

Twin 50 Lappers
Race 1 
As luck would have it, before the first lap ended David notified the crew the car had a misfire again. Everything on the car has been changed over the last few weeks and the problem keeps coming back. It is very frustrating for the entire team and it always makes for a long tough night for David. David started 5th and was able to work his way up to 2nd and had a good battle going for the lead, misfire and all. He challenged the leader lap after lap and was able to get along side him several times but with the misfire he didn't have enough power to complete the pass. While this was going on the 3rd place car was able to get close behind. The 3rd place car got into David's rear bumper and got him a little loose (sideways) then as David was sideways he hit him again in the rear quarter panel and shoved him up towards the wall. David did an awesome job saving it and kept it out of the wall. The caution never came out and David was left to chase the leaders down over the next several laps. David was still a little quicker than them but there wasn't enough time to catch them and he finished 3rd in the first race.

Race 2
For the second race the officials inverted the top six which put David in the 5th starting spot. The crew worked on the car throughout the break hoping to fix the misfire. On the start of the race David called us to let us know the misfire had gotten worse. He continued on in the race and got up to 3rd. There was a car that had dropped out on the 5th lap of the first race, he was allowed to start the second race even though he had much better tires than everyone else. He had made his way through the pack and now he and David were in an awesome battle for 3rd. Once again there was contact on David from behind, sending him up towards the wall. He saved it and continued, but with just a few laps left he ended up settling for 4th. So even though the car was running at about 75% David was still able to run towards the front of the pack and get two decent finishes