A Learning Experience For Polenz at South Boston Speedway

June 11, 2012

David Polenz Racing teamed up with Robert Bruce Racing (RBR) headed to South Boston Speedway (SOBO) Saturday night for the second of a seven race deal. In addition to Richmond (RIR) and South Boston the new deal will have David behind the wheel at Motor Mile Speedway as well.

Since the RIR race RBR has made several changes on the car and we were all very excited to get to SOBO and see how the car would perform. We team unloaded and David headed on to the track for his first laps ever at SOBO. The car handled exceptionally well during the first practice with an old set of tires just to shake it down. However, when David headed out on the track for the second and final practice before qualifying problems with the car began. The car all of the sudden died, the car stalled and wouldn't restart. David coasted it in to the pits and the guys from RBR went to work. It appeared the battery went bad. The guys got it changed and David headed back out on the track, then another problem popped up. The car ran great down the straight away but would die out in the corners. Once again David pulled in the pits and the guys went back to work. They thought they found a bad wire, they changed it and back out David went. The problem was still there and this time there wasn’t enough time to work on it before practice was over. The guys worked hard going over the car for the next hour trying to figure out what was going on. They found a switch that seemed to have a loose connector; and felt that it might be the problem.

David was the first car out for qualifying, it didn't go well, the car died and he was barely able to complete a lap, but it was enough to get him in the race. David started 18th in the 18 car field. Not exactly how the team had envisioned, and at this point everyone was in disbelief, so the crew started going over the whole car again. A bad terminal on the back side of the coil was found, and fixed, which seemed to have the car running better.

1st 75 Lap Race
The team was relieved at the start of the race when the car finally ran right. David was able to start making his way through the field, the competition level at SOBO is pretty high, and making his way through the field was tough. David was able to make his way to ninth by the end of the first race.

2nd 75 Lap Race
David was lined up 9th for the second 75 lap race. On the start, David was caught up in a heck of a battle with the next two cars in front of him and it was awesome to watch. The pack David was racing with was running laps as fast as the front cars and there was good racing all the way through the field of cars. As David was battling for seventh place he got bit by bad luck again. The right front wheel broke and sent David sliding, he just missed the car he was racing with and slid out and slammed the outside wall. The damage to the car was too severe to continue. David limped the car in to the pits and that ended his night. It was not a great way to end an already tough day, but the team knows the car is handling well and are hopeful for a little better luck in the next race.

Coming Up
The Polenz Racing Team will be at ODS next week with the Polenz Motorsports car and then we will be heading to Motor Mile Speedway the week after in the RBR car. We will keep you posted on other events as well. Check David's website for the race schedule and his appearances.